About Us

We are the Meta-Builders! We have everything you need to keep your content afloat in this ever changing digital world. With our team of professionals that includes skilled artists, promoters, virtual builders and NFT specialists. We will always be there for any meta needs you have for you and your brand.

The great thing is that we’re not just one organization but many different people all working together to build a vision for people like you to influence the future.

Meta-Builders is a full suite of creative services to translate products into digital representations of themselves. We specialize in building and marketing client profiles and products in the increasingly popular virtual reality space.

Meta-Builders offers an easy introduction to immersive experiences for businesses and their prospective customers. As blockchain innovators, the company builds virtual spaces for clients to protmote their products and services. Using advanced augmented reality (AR) technology, the expert team of designers, programmers, and marketing spcialists combine digital experiences and content with real-life images.

Our goal is to help projects and personal brands create their virtual spaces in the metaverse. From art creation to building on digital real estate, we provide everything needed for operating in this new ecosystem.

We will work with you to build the future of commerce by providing custom buildings and digitizing products within the metaverse. Complete with contactless payment solutions and first class marketing, your new metaverse portfolio will be on the cutting edge of innovation.

Our Team

We work with some of the best and brightest minds in the space

Mike Smart

CEO & Founder

Miguel Celus

Senior NFT Advisor

Jon Stokes

Web3 & NFT Advisor

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We have packages to get your project started, as well as curated options for more customized needs. We can help navigate from start to finish, and provide helpful services to get the most out of the metaverse and web3.